Tuesday, June 2, 2015

An Alabama Adventure

Over Memorial Day Weekend, we were invited to attend my cousin, Travis' wedding near Enterprise, Alabama. We were not sure if could make it with all the kiddos in tow but Pops decided to rent an RV for the trip so we jumped on board! I think in theory, it seemed like a fun adventure but 18 hours in an RV with 5 kids and 5 adults was much tougher than I expected. The kids enjoyed it more than the adults. 

 They were able to color, read books, play and stretch their legs all throughout the trip.

 I can't get over her ponytail!

RV fun...we left Charlotte around 9:45am, we had to be in Atlanta by 3:30pm to pick up my Aunt at the airport.

Thankfully, several of the kids napped along the way.

So happy he has such wonderful cousins!

Fresh off his nap and ready to go...

We all took turns passing around the kids.

Atlanta traffic was awful, we finally got Aunt Mary and started on the last leg of the trip...4 more hours :(

We ended up late for he rehearsal but we made it!!! We finished off the night with a refreshing bath at our hotel. 

Saturday morning we played at the park before meeting up with some extended family for lunch.

We went back to our hotel and got all spiffed up for the wedding.

They all looked so beautiful and handsome!

Back in the RV...

These kiddos were super excited to tear up the dance floor!

Dancing with their daughters!

The wedding was beautiful, the venue absolutely gorgeous! I didn't take any pictures during the ceremony cause I was trying to make sure the kids kept quiet, but it was perfect! 

The food was equally wonderful.

I loved the courtyard.

He was 'the man' in his suit!

These two are just my precious duo!

Once the festivities were well underway, the dance floor got very popular with the kiddos.

We partied well into the night.

After the fun of the wedding, we started on our long journey back home.

It always feels so much longer on the way home.

Aunt Mary was so sweet and kept the toddlers entertained for while. 

It was certainly an adventure! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Roth!

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