Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentine's Day Treats

I have been slacking big time on posting about our daily adventures, sorry about that, life just gets crazy sometimes! 

I spotted a convenient and relatively simple activity in Walmart the other day, so here is our fun making Valentine's Day treats. The cookie cutters and sprinkles are from Target but the giant rice crispy sheet was at Walmart. The kids really enjoyed it. 

We waited until this little booger took his morning nap and then jumped right on in.

Prepping is the hardest part, patience is NOT a 1 and 3 year old's virtue!

You can make your own rice crispy treats but this "fun sheet" was simple and easy, totally worth the $7.50. 

This part killed my hands but it's all worth it for them, right?

He was so amazed!

They tried but it was a tough task.

Then this happened...once they figured out it was edible, I was doomed! They really enjoyed the scraps!

Finally all cut out...with sore hands to show for it :)

We used Candiquik chocolate to dip them in...very easy and fast to clean up. 

Mommy dipped while they decorated with sprinkles.

You have to be okay with cleaning up sprinkles for days in order to get through this part! I think I've vacuumed 3 times since then!

They are very talented.

I'm pretty sure eating the leftover sprinkles was their favorite part!

Look at these beauties!!! Daddy has eaten most of them :)

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