Monday, January 5, 2015

Big Plans for, no new babies!

I have not had a chance to sit at my computer and recap christmas or New Years but I will get to it, I promise. Nothing crazy to report just some cute pictures of Milo's first Christmas. 

I did some perusing on Pinterest and have quite the collection of projects I would like to accomplish in 2015...most are home improvement. I'm going to share so I can inspire, lol.

Add color to the master bathroom doors.

Make my bathroom mirrors stand out.

Organize the playroom madness...we have actually already ordered our storage units from Pottery Barn Kids, they had a great sale after Christmas. 

Add some comfortable seating to the playroom...I also already ordered this mini sectional, perfect for kids and yet comfy for adults too.

Expand my master shower...not sure this one is possible...$$$$.

Fresh paint throughout the house...especially the kitchen and hallways.

Plant lemon seeds to go with my Aero the smell of lemons.

Organize and add storage to our garage. It has always been the catch all for our junk and it's time to make this space count.

It would be nice not to worry about the kids climbing into our awesome fire pit.

Plant an evergreen screen...I love the way these look once fully grown.

I know I'll add more as time goes on but it's a great start!

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