Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Magic of Disney World!

There are no words to describe how awesome it was to see Sebastian in all the magic of Disney World! He is not old enough to really comprehend everything but it did not make him enjoy anything any less. Of course, I photo spammed most of you during the trip but here are some pictures from my real camera and hopefully I will be able to get some of the videos up too.

We stayed at the fabulous Art of Animation Resort, Nemo Suite which I cannot recommend enough! The resort was fabulous and magical and had so much to see and do that you probably didn't even need to book tickets to the parks.

The water features at our resort! The sculptures or giant displays were just amazing...we stayed in the building with Mr. Ray!

Paisley looking adorable in her bathing suit!

Taking the ferry to Magic Kingdom.

Seeing Woody in the parade.

Enjoying the carousel from the sidelines while keeping an eye on Woody.

His first ride at his first visit to Disney World!

Enjoying the of Mommy's favorites!

On our second day at Disney World in Hollywood Studios with Aunt Katy, Uncle Josh, Emma and Lilly!

Mamie, Pops, Uncle Sam, Aunt Kristyn, Uncle Patrick and Wesley joined the fun Monday night!

Enjoying Islands of Adventure on Wednesday!

Some random nixed photos in there!

The magical world of Harry Potter.

Being sweet to Wesley.

The world of Dr. Suess at Islands of Adventure.

Happy Halloween...Woody!

The Incredible Hulk!

Our beautiful Peacock!

We decided to go to Seaworld on Halloween to try to avoid some of the crowds.

Loving the Shamu show.

Lots of fun rides.

Friday at Animal Kingdom!

There are hundreds more but....we had a wonderful vacation at Disney World! I am so glad we went despite the kids being so young. We will go again in a few years and make many more wonderful memories!!!

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