Friday, October 11, 2013

Our Month

October is our month...Jonathan and I have lots to celebrate in the 10th month of the year! It all began with October 15, 2008...the day Jonathan returned from his second deployment and the day we first met, in person!

After seven long months of daily phone calls, hundreds of letters and pictures and too many emails to possibly count...I finally got to meet my prince charming!

Here are a few of the videos he sent me while he was overseas. I have never shared these before but you can see just how I fell in love with him! This is only 3 out of like 25, I could only get the shortest ones to upload to Blogger.

Jonathan's homecoming felt so surreal because I had imagined it happening so many times before only to realize I still had months more to wait. Even when the final weeks approached, the actual date changed several times. I was all excited and prepared for him to return on the 10th only to get that dreaded phone call that they had been delayed...held up in Germany a few extra days. Wouldn't you know it that his new arrival date landed on the same day as one of my midterms, in French II. I happened to have a lousy teacher who made it clear if we missed an exam, we would fail the class. Thankfully, UNCC has a policy stating no teacher can penalize a student for approved military support events. Returning from deployment is an approved event so I had to remind her of that and finally got approval to miss the exam (she made sure I did plenty of extra credit to make up for it!) It also happened to be right after Hurricane Katrina and the gas shortage hit North Carolina...HARD. There was absolutely no gas in the state, finding even enough to go to and from class was proving to be difficult so trying to get enough to drive all the way to Wilmington was a bit scary.

It was the first time I had ever been on a military base before, the first time I had ever done anything involving the military. I didn't come from a military family and all my brothers were too young to join and had no plans to, so I was a tad bit ignorant about the whole thing. Thankfully, a military wife reached out to me and gave me some helpful tips for being on base and just directions to where I was supposed to be going. Miraculously, I made it to the right spot and waited with all the other eager women and children.

October 15th, 2008 was a wonderful beginning to the rest of my life...I met my happily ever after!

When Jonathan and I were discussing possible wedding dates, I knew I wanted to have a fall wedding so naturally September and October came up. We even considered getting married on October 15th but decided we wanted the leaves to be changing and weather to be cooler and the 15th just didn't seem to line up with all the other events we had arranged so, we went with October 22nd! It was most definitely a night to remember!

God decided to make October even more special for us by giving us Sebastian, 3 weeks early! He wasn't due until November 2nd but arrived happily on October 14, 2011! Our blessings in October are endless...we look forward to celebrating them all every year!

My niece, Emma and brother, Pierce also have birthdays in October so lots to celebrate!

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