Monday, April 29, 2013

Little Man and his Little Lady

I have two peas in a pod...I have been so blessed to have such wonderful babies! Sebastian has adjusted so beautifully to his baby sister's arrival. He just adores her, giving her kisses as often as he can and asking to hold her by holding both his arms out in front of him. He can't stand it when she cries, he always comes to get Jonathan or I if we are not near her when she starts. If we can't soothe her right away or he puts her passy in and it doesn't work, he will just break down and cry with her.

Paisley is doing pretty good, she is a very light eater and I almost have to force her to eat every three hours...I am pretty sure she will be tall and petite forever. She still sleeps about 20 out of 24 hours each day and it usually takes 3 diapers per change cause she insists on going during and after each change!

On another note, she has too much hair! I love a freshly washed baby, but then her hair is so fuzzy and poofy that it is uncontrollable. She hates bathing in the baby bath tub/sink and loves being held in the shower with much easier to wash a baby that isn't screaming. Her temper is completely different than Sebastian's. As my first child, I researched colic and read all about the symptoms but now I have a much better understanding of how most babies act and I can say with no uncertainty...Sebastian was a severely colic baby. I am ok with it, cause I know I can handle continuous crying but I must say, I prefer the mild temperament of Paisley.

We got so much criticism when we chose Sebastian's name that we decided to keep the new baby girl's a complete secret. I have been completely surprised at how nicely people have accepted her name. In fact, I have recently heard of it being used elsewhere. I really, REALLY hope it does not become a craze name...I am not one for following the crowd.

Sebastian is now 18 months old and hitting those terrible two's a tad early! He is very set in his ways and if something doesn't go his way...tantrum follows. He is just so darn determined and he NEVER forgets...I always hope he will forget whatever it is he is crying about but NO...he remembers everything. He still has an obsession with all cleaning makes it hard for me to keep a clean house when I can't vacuum with him around lol. I try to get it in during naptime or when he is outside playing. He also LOVES the outdoors...if a door opens, he is there! He also really enjoys going on stroller rides. Paisley, Sebastian and I will pack all up and go walking around the neighborhood for awhile. I am technically not allowed to return to normal activity for several more weeks but who can wait that long.

We took Paisley on her first shopping adventure this weekend (we = Mamie, Aunt Kelly and I) she did great! Everyone loved her and thought she was way too tiny to be out and about...whatever! We had to find a graduation dress for Aunt Kelly! I was very happy to be shopping for some normal sized clothes despite some lingering swelling and tenderness, I am able to fit back in my old sizes but the best part about having your body back is shopping for new clothes. I loved being pregnant but I also love being able to touch my toes again!

On another note, despite having just built his playhouse, we have come across an opportunity to get a great deal on a play, we are going to go for it! So, Wesley will be getting a brand new playhouse! If anyone would like to help us build this fabulous play set...please come on over! I will make some delicious BBQ and Daquaris.

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