Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I work in a Freezer

I am currently sitting at my desk and unusually have nothing that needs to be worked on ASAP! It's a miracle! It's also a good thing cause I work in a freezer and its so cold in my office that my fingers can hardly type correctly. One of the employees I work with insists on keeping the environment ice cold all the time. I don't think it ever reaches above 68 degrees in here! I try to prepare and wear warm clothing but somehow, I always end up frozen all day long. It doesn't help that the vent is directly above my chair and blows ever so wonderfully directly onto my cold arms. Goosebumps have become a constant as well. The blueish purple color of my skin tells nothing but the truth about how cold it is in this office.

I have tried to reason with the employee but she insists that it is just to hot in here all the time. I personally think she must be going through menopause or something! Anywho....just wanted to vent for a few minutes about my discomfort! Hope everyone is doing well and is a lot warmer than I am!


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